Collective monograph on military offences and war crimes (Riga, the Republic of Latvia)

Collective monograph on military offences and war crimes (Riga, the Republic of Latvia)


Kherson State University
ISMA University of Applied Sciences

Collective monograph 


Deadline – February 24, 2023
Riga, the Republic of Latvia

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Sample of monograph section in Ukrainian
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We kindly invite scientists, academic staff, and postgraduate students,
who deal with war offences and military crimes, to take part in writing a collective monograph.

The future publication will be a result of the activities of the authors’ team
united by a common idea to present achievements
of their researches.


Head of the Editorial Board Stratonov Vasyl Mykolaiovych – Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Higher Education Sciences of Ukraine, Professor at the Department of National, International Law and Law Enforcement, Kherson State University;


Djakons Romans – Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Academician, President of ISMA University of Applied Sciences;


Koval Alla Anatoliivna – Doctor of Law, Professor, Professor at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law and Process, Acting Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University;


Havlovska Alina Oleksandrivna – PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Acting Head of the Department of National, International Law and Law Enforcement, Kherson State University;


Dziurbel Andrii Dariiovych – PhD in Law, Assistant Professor at the Department of Criminal Law and Process, West Ukrainian National University.

The monograph is published by the European publishing house “Izdevnieciba “Baltija Publishing” (Riga, Latvia) and recommended for printing by the institution’s academic council. Three reviewers, who are mentioned in the monograph’s output data, guarantee an independent review.

The monograph is awarded ISBN that permits authors to participate in developing the collective scientific paper published in the country of the EU.

DOI is assigned to every article included in the collective monograph that allows the authors to find their scientific work on the Open Ukrainian Citation Index (OUCI) site, which was developed by specialists of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine on behalf of the Collegium of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The monograph will be available on the website of the European publisher “Izdevnieciba “Baltija Publishing” at the link.

The authors of the collective monograph’s section receive an electronic layout of the collective monograph and a certificate.

 Why is the publication of the monograph section valuable?

(for fulfilling the licensing conditions, to obtain the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences, for awarding the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), for young scientists)



The submission of application forms and articles for publishing in the monograph: before February 24, 2023 (inclusively).

Feedback on papers acceptance: within 1–2 working days after papers receipt.

E-mail distribution of the monograph’s layout and the certificate: after May 12, 2023.


To publish contributions in the collective monograph, authors should act as follows:

  1. fill in an application form and send a manuscript to for peer-review before February 24, 2023;
  2. send a copy of the payment confirmation following the manuscript’s approval for publication.

Re: Collective monograph on military offences.


  1. History and strategy of formulation of military policy, laws and customs of war, formation of legal responsibility for military offenses and war crimes.
  2. Methodological fundamentals of military law-enforcement system.
  3. Criminal legal and criminological characteristics of military offenses and war crimes.
  4. Criminal, procedural, and criminological partcularities of the investigation and trial of military offenses and war crimes.
  5. Military administrative offenses.
  6. The international legal mechanism and experience of foreign countries in combating military offenses and war crimes.


Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation
(according to the signed international cooperation agreement with ISMA University of Applied Sciences)

Contact person: Tiutiunnyk Tetiana Mykolaivna – Coordinator of scientific events and projects on military offences.
Telephone: +38 (068) 473 07 28