Cuiavian University in Włocławek invites to participate in a number of scientific...

Cuiavian University in Włocławek invites to participate in a number of scientific and pedagogical internships


Kujawska Szkoła Wyższa we Włocławku

Wloclawek, Poland
December 2-13, 2019

Academic staff of higher education institutes, research associates of scientific establishments, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students, applicants, students, who have or obtain legal education in the field of cultural and art studies, public administration, physical education, social communications, technical, social and natural sciences, are invited to participate in the internships.

All participants will be provided with a collection of abstracts and a certificate of completion of scientific and pedagogical internship (in two languages). The certificate of completion is a document confirming completion of the scientific and pedagogical internship in a scientific institute of EU country and which is necessary for obtainment of academic rank of Associate Professor, Professor and Senior Research Fellow, according to paras. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7 of Procedure for awarding degrees to academic staff, as well as for licensing and accreditation of educational services.


has 6 credits (180 hours) and is divided as follows:
• familiarization with a web-site of the university – 12 hours;
• participation in a training workshop and work on scientific and methodological reports – 48 hours; elaboration with teaching and learning aids – 48 hours;
• individual work of research and methodological reports – 120 hours.

More information can be found in the information letter. For information letter, please fill in the form and specify a field of science you interested in.