We invite you to participate in a scientific and pedagogical internship “Organization...

We invite you to participate in a scientific and pedagogical internship “Organization of educational process in the field of pedagogy and psychology in Ukraine and EU countries”


Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
with the support of
The Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation

Scientific and pedagogical internship

Organization of educational process in the field of pedagogy and psychology in Ukraine and EU countries

Lublin, the Republic of Poland, January 20 – February 28, 2020

Academic staff of higher education institutes, research associates of scientific establishments, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students, applicants, students, who have or obtain psychology and pedagogy education, are invited to participate in the internship.

All participants will be provided with a collection of abstracts and a certificate of completion of scientific and pedagogical internship (in two languages).

The certificate of completion is a document confirming completion of the scientific and pedagogical internship in a scientific institute of EU country and which is necessary for obtainment of academic rank of Associate Professor, Professor and Senior Research Fellow, according to paras. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7 of Procedure for awarding degrees to academic staff, as well as for licensing and accreditation of educational services.

Workload of the internship has 6 credits (180 hours) and distributed 6 hours each day for 6 business weeks.

Form of participation: distant.

Language: Ukrainian, Polish, English, Russian.


dr hab. Arkadiusz Bereza, prof. nadzwyczajny, Prorektor ds. Ogolnych UMCS (Polska)


Form of participation: distant.
Persons who are interested in participation in the international conference should act as follows before March 27, 2020 (inclusively):
1) fill an application form;
2) send the abstracts to Organising Committee: ped@cuesc.org.ua theses of research and methodological reports according to a focus area of the applicant in educational or scientific establishment in Ukraine;
Participation in the scientific and pedagogical internship without research and methodological report is impossible.
On May 18, 2020, the collection of abstracts and certificates will be sent to the participants at the postal addresses indicated in the form.


Pay attention to the fact that the topic of the scientific and methodological report should concern the peculiarities of the training of pedagogical and psychological scholars, the system of higher education in Ukraine and the EU, the formation of knowledge and skills of pedagogical and psychological experts etc.

  • Volume – from 2 до 5 pages А-4 exercised in Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0, 7.0, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007;
  • Type font – Times New Roman, size – 14; line spacing – 1,5; first line indent – 1,25 см; fields – 2 см;
  • Sequence of materials in abstracts: title (capital letters, font – semi-bold); author’s surname and initials (font – semi-bold); academic degree, rank (if any), post, place of employment (study); text.
  • A file should be titled in accordance with participant’s surname and initials (for example: Stetsenko L.P._abstracts);
  • References (without repetitions) are at the bottom of the text taking into account the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302: 2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General principles and rules of composition”.

Citations in the text should be marked with numerical order of a source according to the list and page (pages) number, for example [7, p. 16].



Сенько І. П.
кандидат педагогічних наук, доцент,
доцент кафедри іноземних мов
Ужгородський національний університет
м. Ужгород, Україна

Особливістю сучасного інформаційного суспільства є те, що інформація зростає і накопичується швидкими темпами, що унеможливлює  відповідно швидке оновлення підручників і навчальних посібників, проте вимагає швидкої реакції з боку викладача [1].


  1. Бондарева К.I. Педагогічний аналіз інноваційної діяльності вчителя : [наук.-метод. посібник] / К.I. Бондарева, О.Г. Козлова. − Суми : Слобожанщина, 2001. − 44 с.


Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation (according to signed international cooperation agreement)

Contact person:
Korobets Oksana Volodymyrivna – Coordinator of scientific events and projects on pedagogical and psychological sciences.

Contact number: + 38 (066) 642 61 74
Email: ped@cuesc.org.ua
Web-site: www.cuesc.org.ua
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cuescinfo
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/cuescinfo