A lecture on public management and administration was presented

A lecture on public management and administration was presented


Public management and administration are activities of state authorities, i.e., a groundwork developing and strengthening the state. Representative of this field took part in the scientific-pedagogical internship “Innovative approaches to the optimization of the educational system for training experts in public management and administration in Ukraine and Baltic states”.

On November 24, the ZOOM lecture was presented within the scientific event. Vikhliaiev Mykhailo Yuriiovych, Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation, delivered a welcoming speech. He expressed his gratitude to colleagues from the Baltic International Academy for cooperation and active participation and highlighted its importance.

Raimond Rublovskis, Lecturer of the Baltic International Academy (the Republic of Latvia), is a speaker of the online meeting. Today’s speaker is an adviser to the head of the Latvian police. Before, he was the representative of Latvia in NATO command authority, chief of military police, and head of the security service of the Republic of Latvia and Saeima.

In the lecture “Training of public administration specialists in the Republic of Latvia”, the speaker broadly interpreted the concept of public administration as an organization of complying with laws and legislative acts, execution of an order using national resources to develop the social and economic policy of the state. He also emphasized the significance of training highly-qualified personnel for this field, which focuses on maintaining state functioning. Raimond Rublovskis shared his experience and specified particularities of training future public officers.

Thus, the participants were tipped off about Latvian education in the field of public administration and analyzed and compared them with Ukrainian during the discussion with the lecturer.

The online lecture is available at our official YouTube at the link.

We thank all who joined the ZOOM meeting!