An online lecture devoted to the improvement of distance learning in higher...

An online lecture devoted to the improvement of distance learning in higher music education institutions was held

Our life has significantly changed due to the pandemic. We have been forced to adjust to the mask regime, distance work and distance learning (for students who are studying at the education institutions of different levels). Thus, today, on April 12, the agenda of an online lecture conducted under the framework of advanced training for actors of higher music education and music arts “Music in the system of art education: relations and counteractions” turns to be appropriate. The topic of today’s online lecture is “Tools for the distance music education: theory and practice”. This is the third of six online lectures of the planned course, which lasts from April 6-22 (inclusively). The current speaker is Voskoboinikova Yuliia Vasylivna, Doctor of Arts, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Сhoral Сonducting and Classical Singing, Kharkiv State Academy of Culture.
Voskoboinikova Yuliia Vasylivna is in the photo
The scientist mainly deals with the study of features of choral liturgical singing and conducting, including the specifics of Orthodox choirs. The researcher also developed the original course “Principles of conducting mastery” and programs on the disciplines “Theory of choral performance”, “History of choral arts”. Yuliia Vasylivna defended her doctor thesis entitled “Precentorial activity as a systemic phenomenon of the modern Orthodox culture”, which delves into the features of activity of a conductor of a church choir in the ХХ–ХХІ century. Moreover, an area of expertise of the scientist also covers the analysis of distinguished figures of the Ukrainian precentorial activity, such as Viacheslav Boiko, Ihor Sakhno and Archpriest Dymytrii Bolharskyi, and the study of Orthodox tradition of the educational process of heads of a choir.
It is impossible to omit distance learning in the current context, as half-year education institutions are periodically under quarantine due to the increase of patients with COVID-19. Nevertheless, academic activity should run on through thick and thin, students should get a high-quality education, even in such complicated conditions. Teachers of music education are particularly concerned as teaching music disciplines is a deep process of simultaneous engaging of several senses of perception. It comes in useful when you need to coordinate a choir or adjust the student at the right time while he is playing the piano solo. How to organize a rehearsal of a band whose members are at a distance from each other and some programs are slowed for 1-2 seconds? This must be the most challenging time both for those who teach music disciplines and students. All these factors are instrumental in the correct perception and acquisition of academic material. Therefore, it is crucial to take up this theme given that the lecturer puts forward solutions to the mentioned problem. Under the framework of the lecture, Yuliia Vasylivna has not only indicated the means, which can advance the mode of teaching classes to musicologists, but also specified the ways for their practical implementation.

Oleksandra Ivanivna has marked: when the entire training process became distant, it influenced thinking and communication styles as well as communication tools which facilitate the organization of the learning process.

We would like to share three apps which we love the most:
– Wizerme
– Kahoot!
– Kami

Yuliia Vasylivna has done an outstanding job to make this online lecture gripping and deep and provide her colleagues with a bulk of advanced and valuable information.

We sincerely thank all participants for active participation and remind you the next lecture is scheduled for April 16 at 15.00.
See you in ZOOM!