Lublin Science and Technology Park organized scientific and pedagogical internship yet again

Lublin Science and Technology Park organized scientific and pedagogical internship yet again


Lublin Science and Technology Park was founded in 2005 to facilitate the process of sharing knowledge and technology between business people and scientists; it organized scientific and pedagogical internship. On August 14-20, 2017, the event for scholars of Philological field was held with support of the Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation.  The internship was performed on “Innovative educational technologies: experience of Poland and its implementation in process of training of philologists”.

Under the framework of the undertaken activities, LSTP promotes innovative culture, unites a scientific community, and establishes cooperation between scientific departments, universities and research institutes of Poland as well as other European countries. More than 20 scholars showed the interest to take part in it, there were educational researchers of high education institutions, research associates of scientific institutions, doctoral candidates, applicants, and students, who have or obtain philological education.

Participants were offered to get acquainted with the activity of LST through the official information portal as well as to prepare abstracts of scientific and methodological report on chosen subject matter (related to  activity issue of a candidate in scientific or education institution of Ukraine), and an individual work of scholars.  Within the framework of the internship, the following sections were offered by organizers: 1) a system of higher philological education and qualification levels of the European educational space; 2) a comparative analysis of Polish and Ukrainian higher philological education; 3) formation of a modern global worldview of philologist; 4) implementation of practical and efficient renewal of philological education and professional training of philologists, on the basis of a complex study of the problem, system approach, implementation of achievements of philological education and European experience; 5) directions of development of philological education in Ukraine at the stage of its integration in the European educational space; 6) identification of the essence, factors of genesis, regularities of structuring, functioning and organization of vocational training of philologists in the countries of the European Union; 7) the peculiarities of the organization of vocational training of philologists in Poland, in the context of general tendencies of its development in the EU countries; 8) development of recommendations on the perspective ways of usage of  the EU experience in philological education in Ukraine.

Among the participants of the scientific and pedagogical internship, organizers specially marked: Bihun O. A.,  Doctor of Philological
Sciences “Perspectives of Multilingual Education in Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine”; T.I. Dombrovan, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor “Language globalization and issues of professional training of philologists”; Maiier N.V., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor “Structure of information and communication educational environment for a practical foreign-language training of future philologists”; Pohrebniak I.V., Candidate of Philological Sciences “Scientific and methodic aspects of  epistolary study  in the training of philologists”.

Lublin Science and Technology Park as the organizer of the event assessed the contribution of each of the participants to the development of philological science. Upon completion of the event all participants received the collection of abstracts of scientific and methodological reports and the certificate of participation in the internship.