More than 300 medicals-scientists took part in Polish International Scientific and Practical...

More than 300 medicals-scientists took part in Polish International Scientific and Practical Conference


On April 28-29, 2017, the international scientific and practical conference “Innovative technologies in medicine: experience of Poland and Ukraine” was conducted by the Center for Ukrainian and European Cooperation together with Lublin Science and Technology Park, which is situated in Lublin, Poland.

Lublin Science and Technology Park (LSTP) was founded in 2005 to facilitate the process of sharing knowledge and technology between business people and scientists. Under the framework of the undertaken activities LSTP promotes an innovative culture, unites a scientific community, establishes cooperation between scientific departments, universities and research institutes of Poland as well as other European countries.

Scientists, postgraduates, students of HEI and research institutions, and practitioners, who are actively involved in scientific researches in the field of medicine, were invited to participate in the conference. More than 300 scientists showed the interest to participate in the conference which conducted activity of such sections:

  1. Clinical Medicine: Experience and Innovation
  2. Theoretical Medicine: the Main Directions of Development
  3. Pharmaceutical Sciences
  4. Medical and Biological Sciences: Innovations of the Future
  5. Preventive Medicine: Current State and Prospects
  6. Veterinary Medicine.

In accordance with the subject matter of the sections, the participants prepared the abstracts of the reports, which were published in the collection of materials of the international scientific and practical conference. The participants considered the very urgent and burning topics of the medical sphere. For example, Vysochyna I. L., Semenov V.V and Rosytska O. A. prepared the abstracts of the report on “Peculiarities of adaptation of children, depending on the anxiety of parents and the type of parental attitude”, Hrygorova M.V, Sokol O. O. and Stepanenko G.L. considered in their report the issue of the first diagnosed of pulmonary tuberculosis in pregnant women, Pychuhina Yu.O., along with Venher Ya.I., investigated the influence of vitamin D levels on the control of bronchial asthma in children with excessive weight or obesity. An equally important issue of theoretical medicine was presented by researchers Venher Ya. I and Danylchuk G. O., who were engaged in the study of the main tasks of integrated control of childhood diseases in the process of training of family physicians. It was very interesting research topic, chosen by Filatova O.A. and Drevitska O. O., who presented the abstract on “Peculiarities of the processing and prevention of emotional burnout syndrome in medical psychologists”. The collection of conference abstracts contains more than 300 interesting, relevant authors’ reports abstracts, which touch upon various areas of the medical field.

All participants from Ukraine were provided with the collection of conference abstracts and the certificate, affixed with the seal. Participants of the conference had the opportunity to present the collection of materials and the certificate as the confirmation of participation in the international conference, held in a country that is part of the European Union.