The academic internship in Slovak university

The academic internship in Slovak university


Immediately after a successful performance of this year’s scientific conference, the Center for Ukrainian-European Scientific Cooperation together with Pan-European University decided to organize another no less important event for scholars – an academic internship. The idea of internship was suggested to the organizers by the participants. As a result, the date and topic of internship were chosen.

Thus, on June 15-18, 2016, the academic internship on “Innovative education technologies: experience of the European Union and its introduction into the process of lawyers training” was conducted at the premises of Law Faculty of Pan-European University. The internship was conducted in accordance with the university license in the sphere of postgraduate education.

The internship programme included: familiarization with the activities of Pan-European University in general and Law Faculty in particular through the official information portal of the University; familiarization with the spectrum of major specialties in law as well as with teaching and learning aids; participation in a distance training workshop and preparation of abstracts for a research and methodical report on a specific topic (on area of interest of an applicant in  education or scientific institution of Ukraine); certificate of participation in the international internship signed by the First Vice-Rector of Pan-European University.

The following topics were cover in the abstracts of research and methodological reports:

  • system of higher legal education and qualification levels of the European educational space;
  • comparative analysis of Slovak and Ukrainian higher legal education;
  • organization of education process in European universities;
  • formation of the modern global legal worldview of a lawyer;
  • implementation of practical and expedient reforming of legal education and professional training of lawyers on the basis of complex study of the problem, systems approach, introduction of achievements of pedagogical science and European experience;
  • directions of development of legal education in Ukraine at the stage of its entrance into the European educational space;
  • identification of the essence, factors of genesis, patterns of structuring, functioning and organization of professional training of lawyers in countries of the European Union;
  • theoretical inference and empirical identification of trends in the development of legal education in the European Union;
  • characteristics of a complex of socio-academic factors in the development of legal education in connection with the evolution of a role, professional functions and status of a lawyer in the EU;
  • peculiarities of the organization of professional training of lawyers in the Slovak Republic in the context of general tendencies of its development in EU countries;
  • elaboration of recommendations on perspective ways to use the experience of EU legal education in Ukraine.

About 100 Ukrainian scholars took part in the internship, among them academic staff of higher education institutions, research associates of scientific institutions, doctoral students, post-graduate students, applicants, and students who have or acquire legal education. The participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers for the invitation and opportunity to participate in the scientific event of European level. A special gratitude was expressed to representatives of the Center for Ukrainian-European Scientific Cooperation for the assistance in the participation of Ukrainian scholars in such-like events.