Ukrainian scientists participated in the conference on psychology that took place in...

Ukrainian scientists participated in the conference on psychology that took place in Economics and Humanities University in Warsaw


Economics and Humanities University in Warsaw together with the Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation (according to signed international cooperation agreement) organised and carried out the international conference “Prospects for the development of psychology as a science in EU countries and Ukraine”. Scientists from Ukraine felt in participation at a remote.

Economics and Humanities University in Warsaw was established on May 8, 2001, and recorded in a relevant Register of Higher Education Establishments of the Republic of Poland regulating by the Ministry of Higher Education and Sciences. The University provides education in Humanities, Economic and Legal Sciences.

Faculty of Psychology is the largest scientific department of HEI. In the latest University Ratings prepared by the journal “Perspektywy” and the journal “Rzeczpospolita”, the Faculty of Psychology took jury award and was ranked fifth in the category “Psychology” within the country. The results of the above ratings confirm the excellent reputation that the Faculty of Psychology has due to the evaluation of scientific institutions by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Ministry’s Experts awarded HEI second place among all universities (state and non-state) that are engaged in research in the sphere of psychology.

Within the conference, the participants presented reports according to the following sections: general psychology; psychology of personality; pedagogical and developmental psychology; social psychology; psychology of social work; history of psychology; organizational psychology; legal psychology; economic psychology; medical psychology; special psychology.

The collection includes abstracts of both Ukrainian and Polish scientists. The conference programme involves not only elaborating of abstracts but also creating visual presentations. At the platform of the official website, Economics and Humanities University in Warsaw produced an individual page where presentations of conference participants are posted. They are on open access at, so all interested persons can have a look at them.

All Ukrainian participants will receive a collection of abstracts and a certificate of participation. Participants of the conference will have an opportunity to present the collection of abstracts and certificate as a confirmation of participation in the activities of the international conference which took place in the EU country.

The collection will be awarded ISBN (International Standard Book Number) by a European publisher. The certificate is a document which verifies participation in the activities of a scientific conference (congress, symposium, and workshop) implemented in an EU country in accordance with p. 5.2, 7.3 Section 2 of Procedure for awarding degrees to research and academic staff approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated January 14, 2016, No. 13.

The Ulam Programme is a good opportunity for Ukrainian scientist to gain scientific experience in one of the leading universities of Poland

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) is pleased to announce new programme for incoming researchers: The Ulam Programme. The objective of The Ulam Programme is to help foreign researchers to develop their career by intensifying international mobility as well as will allowng them to establish scientific cooperation with excellent host institutions in Poland.

Economics and Humanities University in Warsaw would be particularly interested in hosting a talented, promising scholar from Ukraine who specializes in psychology. The applicant must speak English at least at a communicative level and be willing to do teaching and research at poland University. The scholar may apply for the stay from ranging from 6 months up to 24 months. The monthly scholarship to cover the salary and living costs is around 10 000 zł/month which is around 2 300 EUR/month.

The Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation is ready to provide assistance on the part of a prestigious Polish university. For an initial verification of the possibility of participating in the programme and familiarization with details, you should fill out an application at the link.