Priorities areas of the activity of the Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation:

  • assistance to Ukrainian scientists in participating in international scientific conferences and scientific-pedagogical internships, which take place at higher educational establishments, scientific institutes, scientific and technical parks, scientific professional non-governmental organizations in the neighbouring states of Ukraine (the Republic of Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Slovak Republic);
  • performance of academic analytical researches aimed at studying the experience of activities of higher educational institutions, scientific institutions and subjects of public administration in the field of education and science of states-members of the European Union regarding the organization of educational process and the realization of scientific activities as well as state attestation of academic staff;
  • organization of institutional visits to international end European institutes, public authorities of states-members of the European Union, European higher education institutes for domestic students, postgraduates, young lecturers and scientists for the purpose of their awareness on the best achievements of the countries of the European Union as in the field of education and science as in the field of state building in general;
  • provision of information for Ukrainian scientists about the opportunities to publish scientific achievements in foreign collective monograph and academic journals of leading higher educational institutions of neighbouring states of Ukraine (the Republic of Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Slovak Republic) together with colleagues-scholars of these countries;
  • organization of academic conferences, trainings, workshops and round tables on the territory of picturesque places of Transcarpathia region for Ukrainian scholars with the invitation of leading researchers, coaches, public officials of the neighbouring EU member states as the main speakers;
  • Participation of the members of the Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation in discussing numerous regulatory legal acts in the field of science and higher education, which are currently being offered by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for familiarization taking into account the experience of the member states of the European Union in the relevant field.