А scientific conference on complementary/folk medicine, education, culture (Kyiv, Ukraine)

А scientific conference on complementary/folk medicine, education, culture (Kyiv, Ukraine)


NGO «Association of Specialists in Folk and Alternative
Medicine of Ukraine
» (here after Association)
Scientific and practical publication «Phytotherapy. Chasopys»
LLP «Academy of natural and complementary medicine», Kyiv
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Department
of Rehabilitation and Alternative Treatment Methods
Klaipeda University, Lithuania
European Medical Association, Belgium
World Medical Qigong Society, China, Beijing
Grand Hotel Sava****Zagreb****,Rogaska, Slatina, Slovenia
Company ROI SANITATEM AQUA Ukraine – Slovenia
Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Department
of Medicine Fundamental Problems
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute,
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Department of
Biosafety and Human Health
V.I. Vernadsky Tauridа National University, Kyiv
National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine (NSMLU)
European Medical University LLC, Dnipro
Zaporizhzhia polytechnic national university, Department
of Physical and Occupational Therapy
National Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Students of
the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation
NGO «Ukrainian Palliative and Hospice Care League»

А scientific conference with international
participation that aims to attract young
scientists and students


dedicated to the ASSOCIATION 20th anniversary and 22- anniversary of PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION OF UKRAINE («B», category SCOPUS-2024) «Phytotherapy. Chasopys» (here after – Conference)

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We are delighted to invite you to attend the scientific conference with international participation, titled «Complementary/folk medicine, education, culture: from traditional practices to clinical research», which is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Association of Specialists in Folk and Alternative Medicine of Ukraine and 22- anniversary of professional publication of Ukraine («B», category SCOPUS -2024) «Phytotherapy. Chasopys»

The scientific event and press-conference aim to cover the topic “Health and a healthy lifestyle – from plant to man” and it will specifically explore the utilization of natural, complementary/alternative methods (referred to as CAM) based on evidence-based medicine principles in complex and restorative therapy, as well as physical and medical rehabilitation.. The Conference has been officially registered and included in the “Register of congresses, symposiums, scientific and practical conferences, scientific seminars, and plenums to be held in 2024 by the Ministry of Education and Science, Ukraine.

The conference will be conducted in both offline and online formats:

Scheduled to take place between June 13 and 14, 2024, from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Location: National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine, st. Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky, 7, Kyiv (metro station «Ukrainian Heroes Square»), Conference Hall;

The objective of the Conference and press conference is to discuss the current state of fundamental and clinical research of the complementary/alternative (traditional and non-traditional) medicine (hereinafter CAM) studies in the context of human health and healthy lifestyle. The next goal of the Conference and press conference is to discuss the possibilities to implementation the CAM disciplines in the preventive, health improving and rehabilitation practices, education, culture as components of health in the medical systems of Ukraine and of the world.

In particular, it is planned to cover the main scientific and methodological issues in the discussion and on the pages of the scientific and practical publication – «Phytotherapy. Chasopys». This journal has been included in the List of scientific and practical professional publications of Ukraine (category «B»). On the 24th of January, 2024 the journal «Phytotherapy. Chasopys» has been also entered for SCOPUS in the next sciences: biological sciences (specialty: 091.Biology) in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 15.04.2021 No. 420 (Annex 3), medical and pharmaceutical sciences (specialties: 222.Medicine, 226.Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy) in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 27.09.2021 No. 1017 (Annex 3), (specialty 227.Therapy and rehabilitation) in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 06.06.2022 No.530 (Annex 2).


  1. The current state of fundamental and clinical research and the development of complementary/alternative medicine in Ukraine and in the world in accordance with the main directions set out in the latest editions of the WHO Strategy in the Field of Traditional Medicine.

1.1. NATO experts on complementary medicine in restoring the health of the civilian population and the military after the consequences of the war.

  1. Biomedical and Social Aspects of Health:

2.1. «Healthy Family, Healthy Country: Children are an Our Future».

2.2. «Health and Healthy Lifestyle: From Plant to Man. Modern Ecology and Health».

  1. CAM in Ukraine, legal and juridical aspects.
  2. Scientific and methodological verification of the CAM methods in the complex preventive therapy and medical physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy and rehabilitation at the primary, secondary and tertiary stages of the disease prevention with the introduction of standards and principles of evidence-based medicine.
  3. Problematic issues of quality education of specialists. Integration of СAM methods into the educational process.
  4. Relevance and economic efficiency of the CAM methods usage in the socio-economic problem conditions in Ukraine and in the world.
  5. Mental and physical health: health characteristics of the people in the different age groups. The complementary/alternative screening methods for diagnosis and correction of health:

7.1. The psychological rehabilitation methods and their impact on human health. Mental health.

7.2. Problematic issues of palliative and hospice care, physical rehabilitation in hospice care.

7.3. Natural and healing factors: «A doctor treats, nature heals».

7.4. Sanatorium-and-health complexes in health restoration.

  1. Astropsychology.

8.1. Anthroposophical medicine.

  1. Phytotherapy and pharmacognosy: teaching experience in the specialties «General Medicine», «Dentistry» and «Pharmacy», «Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy».

9.1. Herbal therapy usage: from folk recipes to scientifically based registered herbal remedies. Phyto – ex tempore.

9.2. Nutraceuticals and parapharmaceuticals.

  1. Homeopathy: teaching experience and application in the internal medicine, physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation.

10.1. Homeopathy and pharmacology are the two “sides of the same coin” of the health and treatment.

  1. Osteopathy and manual therapy: experience of teaching and application in medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation/
  2. Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine: features, realities and future development in Ukraine and in the world.
  3. Chinese Traditional Medicine: Realities and future development in Ukraine and in the world.
  4. Iridology: express and screening diagnostics in the medical practice.
  5. Aromatherapy and phytoergonomics.
  6. Information Medicine: Experience of Teaching and Application in Medicine, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy. Realities and development perspective.
  7. Information hygiene in the modern world. «Today Information Diseases».
  8. Electropuncture and Information Diagnostics: Teaching Experience and Implementation as a Screening Method of Diagnosis and Control of Treatment Effectiveness and Physical Health Status.
  9. A problematic issues view at the healing: regulatory and legal aspects in Ukraine and in the world.
  10. Issues of deontology and medical ethics in the field of СAM. The communication and healing culture: «The word treats, the word heals».
  11. Physical therapy, occupational therapy as a restoration and preventive method of rehabilitation and recovery.
  12. SPA technology usage as a method of rehabilitation and recovery.
  13. Topical issues and perspectives development of public organizations-associations.

23.1. All-Ukrainian NGO «Association of Specialists in Folk and Alternative Medicine of Ukraine» – 20 years: history of the development and progress.

  1. Present and future realities for young scientists. The future scientific elite development. The Integrity, bioethics in scientific researches.


Complementary/Folk Medicine at the Present Days: History, Theory, Practice;

Actual Problems of Complementary/Traditional Medicine: Theory and Practice;

Complementary/traditional medicine and its role in the development of the rehabilitation system in Ukraine and in the world;

Complementary/Traditional Medicine in the Context of Health Care System Reform in Ukraine: Theory and Practice;

Complementary/Traditional Medicine and Problems of Social, Medical, Physical Rehabilitation: Theory, Experience, Practice;

Complementary/Traditional Medicine in the Humanities and Medical Sciences: Research Methodology, Theory, Practice;

Complementary/Traditional Medicine in the Morden Times: Traditional Experience of the Usage and Scientific Comprehension;

Complementary/Traditional Medicine and Human Physical Development;

Complementary/Traditional Medicine in Therapy, Rehabilitation, Sports and Social Work: Theory and Practice;


  • Aromatherapy. Phytotherapy.
  • Nutraceutics, parapharmaceutics.
  • Apitherapy, hirudotherapy. Animal-assisted therapy
  • Ayurveda, traditional detoxification and nutrition systems.
  • Information medicine. Bioresonance therapy.
  • Anthroposophical medicine.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Massage, manual therapy, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy.
  • Acupuncture, reflexology, su-jok therapy.
  • Electropuncture diagnostics.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine, qigong therapy.
  • Psychological support and health correction.
  • SPA technologies.


  • Oral presentation, with the option to use PowerPoint for visual aids.
  • Press conference. Round table.
  • Company presentations.
  • Participation as a regular attendee.
  • Master Class.
  • Lectures, Seminars and discussion sessions, including a “Questions and Answers” format.
  • Publication of abstracts and articles in the Conference materials and in the scientific and practical publication «Phytotherapy. Chasopys»
  • Absentee participation.
  • Online/offline participation for participants from both local and international countries, including Ukraine.


The materials from the Conference will be published in the professional scientific and practical journal «Phytotherapy. Chasopys» in accordance with the requirements and recommendations for scientific articles, as well as the specialized publication guidelines of the EMA (European Medicines Agency).

Abstracts, limited to one page, and articles, limited to ten pages, including literature references, abstracts, and keywords in both Ukrainian and English, should follow the following structure: UDC, title of the work (in capital letters), initials and surnames of authors, scientific titles, and scientific degrees (such as master, graduate student, doctoral student, practicing physician, healer). The full name of the institution (workplace or training center) should also be included.

The sections of the abstracts and articles should cover the following aspects: relevance, purpose of the work, materials and research methods, research results and their discussion, conclusions regarding the practical application of the acquired experience, and prospects for further research.

Proper referencing of literary sources is required for articles. Materials that violate ethical principles or fail to meet the aforementioned requirements will not be published


  1. The cost of publishing abstracts for individual participants from Ukraine is 450 UAH, while for students it is 150 UAH, based on 1800 characters (equivalent to one page).
  2. The organizational fee for participants from Ukraine is 550 UAH, with a reduced rate of 150 UAH for students.
  3. A formal agreement will be established with legal entities participating in the scientific event, specifying the form of participation and payment.
  4. The annual charitable organizational contribution of a member of the Association is transferred to the account – 720.00 UAH (debtors automatically withdraw from the ASSOCIATION).
  5. Payment for Conference participation (organizational fee) and publication of abstracts or articles should be made through a money transfer to the provided current account by June 10, 2024.


NGO “Association of Specialists in Traditional and Alternative Medicine of Ukraine”



tel.: +38(050) 353-03-26



r/p IBAN-UA 733808050000000026001591851 in JSC “RAIFF ei SEN BANK AVAL”, Kyiv, MFO 380805
Identification code: 33443640


Participants must submit the participant form, abstract, and receipt for the payment of the publication fee by June 10, 2024. These documents should be sent to the email address: phitotherapy.chasopys@gmail.com, the application for speeches for the program formation – by May 10, 2024.

Ofline Congress Location:

Kyiv, st. Hetman Pavlo Scoropadskyi, 7,
National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine,
metro station “Ukraysnskyh Heroyiv”
Official Languages:

The official languages of the Conference are Ukrainian and English.


Duration of Presentations:

– Oral presentations: up to 20 minutes.
– Poster presentations: 20 minutes.
– Company presentation, discussion – 7 minutes.
Seminar – 45 minutes.
Master-class – 30 minutes.

Conference Materials and Certificates:

After the Conference, abstracts and certificates indicating the number of points earned will be sent by mail to the address provided in the participant’s application form.

Regulations for the Offline/Online Congress:

– June 13, 2024:
09.30:-09.55 – Arrival and Check-in of Conference participants.
10.00- 13.00 –  I plenary session of the Conference, round table, discussions, adoption of the resolution.
13:05- 13;40 – Break
13:45-16:00 ІІ plenary session of the Conference
16:05 – 16:55 PRESS CONFERENCE, ROUND TABLE (list of issues announced)

Within the framework of the press Conference on 13.06.2024, hearings and proposals will be held on MASTER CLASSES and thematic SEMINARS on various methods and directions.

The topics of master classes, seminars for participation will be presented in the program, in accordance with the application that you indicated in the application form.

10.00 – 13.00 Lectures, seminars, master classes, trainings, and practical exercises by leading scientists and practitioners.
13.05 – 13.45 Break
13.50 – 16.00 III plenary session.
16.05 -16.45 Discussions, adoption of resolutions, presentation of certificates, diplomas, certificates. Certificates for successful completion of advanced training courses will be awarded.
16.50 – 17.00 Closing of the conference.


+38 097 6960071; +38 063 4518485 (Elena Akimovna Demidova, SBI).
+38 067 440 03 07; +38 066 354 14 75 (Vasyl Shust).
+38 050 3530326; +38 098 4287216 (Tetyana Harnyk).

Hotel Reservation:

+38(044) 430 02 60; +38 0964812183 (Mariya Katsurak)

Congress participant questionnaire until 13-14June, 2024.

Surname __________________________________________________

Name _______________________________________________________

Surname __________________________________________________

Science degree _____________________________________________

Academic title ________________________________________________

Job title ____________________________________________________

Name of organization/institution

(place of work, training) ______________________________________________

Topic of report, master class, seminar, abstract, article (underline) _______________________________________________________________________

co-authors __________________________________________________________

Email ______________________________________________________________

Postal address: city (with zip code) or New Post No.( Name, telephone number) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Contact number: __________________________________________________________________

Form of participation in the congress:

  • oral report
  • presentation of the company’s stand
  • attendee
  • Master Class
  • absentee participation
  • publication
  • seminar
  • poster presentation
  • online

Presentation equipment

  • multimedia projector

Date “____” ____________ 2024                         
_______________ signature

Please submit the completed form to the following email address: phitotherapy.chasopys@gmail.com .

You can find information about the events on the website www.uanm.org.ua, as well as on the following websites: http://www.tnu.edu.ua/ and http://medinstitut.dp.ua/.          

Organizing Committee